Gray Fern

Long before the migration of mammal back to maritime, vascular tissue coalesced to construct the conduction of water and energy into higher forms.

The fractal form of the fern reflects itself across the species robustus who share aquatic and terrestrial ties.

Flying Queets

High above the hands of man and mechanized minerals, sentinel Sitkas stand quietly calculating their old growth.

The last hope, the last frontier, the last place were virgins grow truffles at their feet. Truffles for travelers in the night who come down from above for the forests’ fats.

What once was lost now is only found as a ribbon of renewal, running alongside the rotten roots of regret.

Torrent Beauty

At the sea floor ceiling there is a deposition of life tortured and tempered by water.

Here high above the hatcheries, hydrology holds onto a salamanders’ society torrenting through existence.

So long as the alpine archipelago continues to fold in forgotten fractal forms, the crescent of old ocean ophiolites will be the crest.

Roosevelt Tax

With any great nation there is taxation.

To have the Cedars and the Sitkas that serves the lives of others such as the Roosevelt Elk, you must free the hand of man. Who points power through the Thimbleberry, barreling down the free will of life feeding off of life.

Roosevelt’s will to wild is written in the sedimentation of the natural laws we tax for others freedom.

Red Bill Eye Crossed

Guided by the blind force of future, driven by the season’s cycling the succession of species travels up the watershed.

Here in the convoluted cloud pockets of the Quinault, the sockeye and the red cross bill provides perspective.

Imbibing and inoculating migrants meander through time and space in the evolution of determination and free will. The wandering of forms select one another in the aching song of attraction.

Shadow Bear

Wandering the island of rivers with reckless enthusiasm the black bear feeds off the fat of the region.

As winter storms surge from the south summer sun beats from the north. As the temperature and typography translate microclimates into macroforms.

Fisher Otter

Stretched between kelp and forest, these denizens of the Northwest are archetypes of an idea.

With gradual change over time, values evolved from fur to the fundamentals of the frontier.

To perpetuate the perpetuity of wilderness. These creatures are taken from the Aleutian north to Olympics where their pelts now only apply to their survival.

Free Elwha

Central to Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Elwah’s productive power has fueled the Klallam tribe to county. Hundred pound Chinooks growing through the watershed, milled down to less. Severed by a century’s control, this systems strength and reliance is once again being being realized.

Finally freed, anadromous fish find their potential in a restoring riparian route. Passing under the bows of twinberry and up tributaries of thimbleberry to find a way. Salmon is freedom.