Oregon Endangered



Oregon Silverspot butterfly

Braided between bunch grasses inlaid into the adunca. Caterpillars carve their way out of Viola leaves, wondering to a future. Playing in the open orchestra with the jumping mouse and garter snake in the arching song of coastal prairie survival.

Here dynamic disturbances define the dependence denizens. Be it fire or farm the mark of man however green may be seen.

In the August array of Solidago and Sidalcea the sun shines brightly as the fog lays lightly upon the chrysalis of the Oregon Silverspot butterfly. enclosing out of its cocoon comes the fractal form of rivers below and shore pine above. On the wings of one specie rides the story of an archetype whose existence exemplifies our Coastal conscientiousness.


Oregon Coastal Coho

Red eggs roll round, stopped buy snags whose river teeth masticate the sandstone of time. As stones turn to sand, turn to silt, eggs turn to alvin, turn to juveniles.

Born into a life of motion December dumps drive small swimmers downstream into the salmonid space time  continuum.

Entering the estuary life slows to the cycle of celestial gravity. Here sinuous side channels surround those in need of salvation.

Obsessed by olfactories and obligatory origins the Oregon Coastal Coho climbs from an ocean of unknowing to the small streams of society. Here kypes capture fertile females for one final dance under October moonlight. It is a love to the death.